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Jakusho-ji Kannon-do Hall


Reiryuzan Jakusho-ji Temple is so well-known for its matchmaking Kannon deity that it is referred to alongside the Izumo Grand Shrine in sayings such as Nishi no Izumo, Higashi no Jakusho (“Izumo in the West, Jakusho in the East”). A sacred place founded by the priest Gyoki in 708, during the Asuka Period (538 – 710), the temple celebrated its 1,300th anniversary in 2008. During the Muromachi Period (1336 – 1573), the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage circuit expanded from western into eastern Japan, and Jakusho-ji Temple is positioned as the first temple on the Mogami 33 Kannon bill places.

Address2205 Oaza Yamamoto, Tendo City
Opening hours9:00–17:00
FeesFree of charge
Car parkingFree of charge Approx. 15 parking spaces
Barrier-free facilities
AccessApprox. 30 minutes by car from JR Tendo Station

Recommended points/experiences

The place where the matchmaking bell is rung has been selected as “One of Yamagata’s 53 KEIKAN MONOGATARI Recommended Scenes of Scenic Beauty”.


Access from Yama-dera

Approx. 15 minutes by car from Yama-dera Temple

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