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Enjoy Yamadera

ENDO Branch Store

Address4415 Oaza Yamadera, Yamagata City. 999-3301
Opening hours8:30~17:30
ClosedNo regular holidays
Parking availability25 parking spaces
Accepted credit cards

Facility introduction

元看板娘 えんどうさん

This store sells an abundant variety of Yamagata pickles. The cherry, safflower, cod, and bangiku pickles are especially recommended. Taste various pickles while enjoying a cup of healthy Miyama Komicha tea containing safflower and dokudami (rainbow plant).

Recommended nearby spots

Shirataka Town—Japan’s largest safflower (for dyeing) production area—is highly recommended. You can also try your hand at safflower-picking or safflower-dyeing.

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