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Enjoy Yamadera


Address4314-2 Yamadera, Yamagata City. 999-3301
Opening hours9:00~18:00
ClosedNo regular holidays
Parking availability20 parking spaces
Accepted credit cards

Facility introduction

Nickname Shigeko Endo

From inside the shop, you can enjoy a full view of Yama-dera and Mt. Hoju.
The cold wild vegetable soba noodles is highly recommended in summer! The shop also serves rainbow trout caught fresh within the temple precincts either raw, grilled with salt, or fried. There are 20 parking spaces available, so feel free to drop by!

Recommended nearby spots

Yamagata is the Kingdom of Hot Springs, the only prefecture in Japan where all of its municipalities (35 altogether) have natural onsen wellsprings! Tendo Onsen hot springs are only 15 minutes’ drive from Yamadera. Along the way, there are many roadside fruit stalls and orchards where you can enjoy cherry picking. After savoring your fill of Yamagata’s fruits, how about visiting hot springs in various municipalities?

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