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Terakoya Honpo Yamadera Store

Address4494-16 Oaza Yamadera, Yamagata City. 999-3301
Opening hours9:30~17:00
ClosedDecember – March
Parking availability3 parking spaces
Accepted credit cardsAlmost all cards accepted

Facility introduction

Nickname Mari Amano

Delicious okaki snacks are baked fresh every day in the store’s “furnace” for customers to purchase. The shop also sells ice cream and other confectionary such as odango dumplings and dorayaki pancakes, as well as a variety of other items including knick-knacks with Japanese-style decorations and local specialty products.
You can enjoy looking at all the cute knick-knacks while eating warm okaki or sweets! You can also take snacks with you when climbing to Yama-dera Temple! These treats are recommended as both souvenirs and snacks.
Visit us with friends or family! Our staff are waiting to welcome you.

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