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Enjoy Yamadera

Terakoya Co. at Yamadera

Address4494-37 Oaza Yamadera, Yamagata City. 999-3301
Opening hours9:30~17:00
Closed December – March
Parking availability3 parking spaces
Accepted credit cards

Facility introduction

Nickname Mari Amano

Selling original knick-knacks made from chirimen fabric, good luck charms, and a range of other products, this shop is packed with cuteness! One item series that has boasted strong popularity ever since the store’s opening is its richly varied chirimen handbags, which range from coin purses to shoulder bags and even rucksacks.
In addition to the handbags, the store provides a many other items that are highly recommended as gifts or souvenirs, including accessories and chirimen fabric plants. And there are lots more “soothing” and “relaxing” products! Be sure to visit us!

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Tendo Onsen hot springs!
A 15-minute drive from Yamadera. The foot bath is also very popular.

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