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Enjoy Yamadera


Address4510-2 Oaza Yamadera, Yamagata City. 999-3301
Opening hours11:00~16:30
ClosedTuesdays and Wednesdays
Parking availability10 parking spaces
Accepted credit cards

Facility introduction

Nickname Masumi Ishida

This shop offers gelato made based on traditional Italian production methods to retain the natural color, taste, and aroma of fresh ingredients that include grass-fed milk from Nagameyama Farm in Iide Town and fresh seasonal produce supplied mainly by Yamagata producers. Alongside gelato, the shop conveys Yamagata’s nature and four seasons to customers.

Recommended nearby spots

Yanome Kojiya in Kahoku Town is highly recommended.
This store sells products that incorporate handmade miso and koji (malted rice). There is also an in-house café where you can enjoy dishes incorporating miso and sweets.

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